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The Team

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Dhivya S

Business Strategy Lead

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Parimal Kalikar

Ice Cream Boffin


Our Story

Our Story is as simple as yours

In the summer of year 2018 we as a couple went on a 100 day No Sugar, No Dairy Challenge. Avoiding Ice Creams in the hot Nagpur summer was almost impossible but to win the challenge we started eating fruits to satisfy our dessert cravings. Grapes, Mangoes, Musk Melons, and many other fruits were our only friends in those difficult times. We got hooked onto the taste of real fruits in those 100 days.

  Once the challenge was over, the first thing we did was to reach out and grab an ice cream pint from the nearest ice cream store. We finished the pint in 5 minutes but ended up disappointed as we failed to recognise the taste of fruit in the ice cream. We tried ice creams from street brands to premium brands and all of them disappointed us, as even the most premium ice creams had only 20% fruit content. Moreover, these so called ice creams were mostly made of cheap ingredients, fake flavours, fillers like wheat flour and most importantly these ice creams were full of disease-causing chemicals.

  We felt cheated and decided we must make our own ice creams which will make both of us happy. With 6 months of research we came up with 7 flavour recipes that we felt were good. In the summer of 2019 we bought machines and began our commercial operations. Today we have more than 30 flavours and innovations like our Ooey Gooey Centered Pops. With our extended Product range we feel confident of our future and the brand we have created.

Thanks for reading about us. See you soon at Licksters!

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