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Your Frequently asked questions answered

1. Investment

2. Training & Support

3. Earnings & Margins

4. Qualification Criterion

Q: What comprises the investment for the franchise?
A: The investment comprises of a few key components
    1. Brand Affiliation Fee
    2. Consulting & Designing Fees
    3. Interior & Equipment cost
    4. Marketing Cost
    5. Training & Support Cost
    6. Restaurant Rental Cost (if you are moving into a rental place)
Overall the investment size for a 250-300 sq ft Pop store may range between 18-20 Lakhs


Q: Will I get Training & Support as a Franchise Owner?
A: We offer Training for Both Franchise Owner as well as the restaurant staff 
The Franchise owner's training module kits will be made available to you as soon as you sign up for the contract. The Training kit will take you through various guiding principles that will help you right from the process of scouting the right location to hiring & managing staff as well as store processes.

The Staff training on Service as well as Store Process Orientation will be offline training which will be offered at your location before the store inaugurates. 

In terms of Support, we offer 365 day on-call support for all our franchise owners to guide you through any operational issues. Moreover if the franchise requires a specific on location hand-holding session post-inauguration, such a session will be offered at an extra cost.


Q: How much will I earn by starting my own Pop Store?
A: The earning potential for any business depends on the location, its proximity to favourable customer movement, easy parking availability for customers, the right product mix and service delivered.
Although the exact earning potential cannot be predicted, we could definitely inform you of the potential Gross Margins offered on various product categories sold in the Pop Store. The Gross Margins for Fruit Popsicles are set at 45% and the products that are made in the store, like Waffle Pops, Ice-Cream Sundaes etc will fetch margins above 50%. (Exact Margins for each category and each product will be divulged once you sign the contract)
Overall we promise great Gross Margins for a product that can be served at lightning speed.


Q: What is the Qualification Criteria to become a Pop Store Franchise Owner?
1. Licksters Pop Store can be started by any Indian Citizen above the age of 18.
2. Previous experience in the Food & Beverage Industry is Not Mandatory.

3. The person must be ready to invest a minimum of 80% of the total cost of Franchise out of his own savings.
4. The person must be willing to invest a considerable amount of time towards the development of the business and must be willing to go through the lifestyle changes that occur due to Entrepreneurship.  


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Q: How will the whole Franchising Process work? 

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