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Jazzy Jaamun

Flavour Story:

Made for the first time in the Rainy Season of 2019, Jazzy Jaamun in its first iteration became a crowd favorite. One of the first Customers who tried the Pop in the morning came back in the evening and asked,

"How many more do you have in stock?" He bought them all.

This happened with more and more customers and that's how we at Licksters quickly understood this is going to be our hero product. The journey began with merely 200 pops in the first year has now reached crates of Jazzy Jaamun every week.

Just to give you a perspective, in the year 2022 we processed 2 tons of Jaamun. If this 2-ton of Jaamun fruit is placed one next to the other it will be as long as 150km. This is enough to reach beyond Outer Space from Earth. 

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