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1. Quickly Understand if this Franchise is for you or not

2. If yes, then understand the highlights quickly

3. We Explain the Franchise Process in Easy Steps

No Jargon I No Fancy Words I Simple Yet Powerful

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If your Answer to all the Questions Below is YES then and only then scroll below to know more about Licksters Franchise Inquiry.

We Don't Want to Waste your Time.


Time Commitment Needed

Do you have 2-3 Hours a day to spend on this business? (is your answer YES)

Minimum 2-3 Hours a Day, especially in the evening hours with more time on the weekends. Day to day Operations Management and Weekly Reviews keep the team motivated and make sure service standards are met. Most importantly developing relationships with customers is one of the most important responsibilities.


Leadership Quotient

Have you managed a Team in the past or are you willing to learn a new skill? (is your answer YES)

Managing a Franchise business effectively requires you to be a great leader. Evoking confidence, Setting very High Service Standards, Managing Operations and Building relationships, all through the team will require you to become an effective communicator and a leader. Are you a good leader or willing to be one?   


Location Consideration

Do you feel a Great Location acts as one of the Best Marketing tools? (is your answer YES)

A very easy-to-approach, Centre of the City location which is frequented by most foodies during the week acts as a better investment towards higher revenue always. Saving 5-10 thousand a month on rent may result in a loss of Lakhs of revenue potential. A prominently placed store signage seen by many is like a free billboard. 


The Investment Needed

Are you willing to invest 16-20 Lakhs for this Franchise? (is your answer YES)

This investment includes Franchise Fees, Equipment Purchases, Interior Development, Stock Purchases, Pre and Post Launch Marketing Expenses. We prefer if you could invest 60% of the amount through personal savings. Managing working capital is important for which do keep a buffer amount ready.


Marketing Needs

Do you feel Consistent Marketing Efforts are needed to achieve the full potential of a Business? (is your answer YES)

Both Long-Term and Short-Term Marketing Efforts ensure that ample Awareness for the store is created and consistently having the attention of our Customer Segment increases our chances of achieving high sales numbers every month. This is true even for a Franchise Business. 


Product Differentiation

Selling a Very well Differentiated and Quality Product can get you quick Results? (is your answer YES)

In today's over-advertised world, trying to sell a similar product like a competitor is almost impossible. By selling another bottle of Coconut Hair Oil and advertising it, what you will eventually do is create an advertisement for Parachute Oil. A Product that's seen by customers as different gets you faster results.  

If Your Answers to all the above Questions is YES, then scroll down

If your Answer to any or all of the questions above is No then we don't agree on our approach to Business and this might be the best time to move away from this page.

Thanks for being with us and hope to see you at the store having a Fruit Pop.

Love, Licksters


Franchise Budget Explained

Following are the Components of Franchise Investment in brief

Franchise Fees
As per the offer

45662 [Converted].png

Equipment Purchase
Budget 5-6 Lakhs

Home furniture set [Converted]_edited.png

Interiror Build
Budget 4-5 Lakhs


Stock Purchase
First stock Value: 1.5-2 Lakhs


Marketing Spends
Pre & Launch Budget: 1.5 Lakhs

rupee_growth_new [Converted]_edited.png

Working Capital
Keep a budget of 2-3 Lakhs


Easy Franchise Process


Sign Up with the Contract


We finalise the place with a visit


Design & Equipment List sent. Build Begins


Team Hired & Trained.

Stock Sent for Launch


Grand Launch of your Pop store


Gross Margins 50-60%

*Margins Vary as per Product Category

ROI in 14-18 Months

*ROI at Average Monthly Sales of 5-6L 

0% Royalty Business

*No Monthly or Yearly Recurring Costs by the Brand

5 Year ROI: 250-300%

*Roi at Average Monthly sale of 5-6 L with 15% YOY Growth

Margins & ROI Explained


100% Real
Fruit Pops


  1. Being Original

  2. Transparent Process and Systems

  3. Being Profitable

  4. Quick yet Great Service

  5. No Gimmicks (like Live, Slow and Pretentious)

  6. Power of Creating Legacy through Quality & Innovation

  7. Good People & Great Relationships



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LG4, LG5, Laxmi Bhavan Sq, Dharampeth, Nagpur, MH, India

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